During my time away from the bowels of hell I started to think about new ways to capture just how frustrating and awful the commute from anywhere outside the City actually is.  As I’ve always said, it’s not just the delays that make the commute shitty, it’s the thoughts that run through your head while you stand on a Platform in 19 degree weather.  These thoughts are one of a kind! With that said, I present to you, my fellow Miserables, the 1st Episode (and hopefully not last #pleasedontsuck) of my Vlog Series for YOUR COMMUTE SUCKS!


This Episode is entitled “TERMINATED” as that was the chosen word our conductor used to describe the bleak future for our vessel of travel.   In other words, the train I was on was completely fucked and was unable to make its way into Penn …  Not only that, but this travel disaster hit me out of nowhere, as only one day prior on my first commute back from Paternity Leave, I had experienced a perfect commute – completely unheard of and too good to be true.   I blogged about it as well.

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