What’s Run Worse? THE KNICKS or NJTRANSIT?

We’re a few hours removed from getting word that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be signing with the Brooklyn Nets.  As a Knicks fan who grew up in Brooklyn, I’m devastated, but I’m also not surprised in the least.  Why?  Because it’s the fucking Knicks, that’s why.  James Dolan is our owner, so nobody wants to come here, plain and simple.  The dude is a bazzilionaire who is completely clueless on how to connect to his team’s fan base or any potential free agent stars.


He’s actually done the unthinkable and made New York City unattractive for young, millionaire athletes.  (I can’t believe I just wrote that). He’s also made Madison Square Garden an afterthought.  If you think about it, it’s quite remarkable, almost impressive.

And there it was.  A WOJ BOMB. The tweet that sent New York Knicks fans back into their black hole of never ending misery and sub .500 meaningless basketball.  At least I have the Mets to root for now …. oh wait.  And yes, for those keeping score, I root for the Knicks, Mets and I take NJTRANSIT on a daily basis.  My wife really hit the lotto.

Now, what does this have to do with NJTRANSIT?  Well, this is a fucking commuting blog, so as far as I’m concerned it has everything to do with NJTRANSIT.  To make it simple, misery loves company and where does Madison Square Garden reside?  Yep … right above Penn MOTHER. FUCKING. Station.  You think that’s a coincidence? Hell no, man.  The bad karma is all up in that motherfucker.  I’d bet good money that KD and Kyrie were all set and ready to sign, and then they heard about Stewart Mader and his Customer Service stock photos asking fake ass customers about their experiences on non-rush hour trains … like this one below.  WHAT GOLF COURSE YOU GOING TO BRO!?!

Yep … looks legit!

So yea, they’re related.  And now since that’s established, we can examine which is worse run.  Personally, I think it’s the Knicks, because at least NJTRANSIT can say they’re owned by AMTRAK. They’re NOT their own boss, but the Knicks? FUCKIN JAMES DOLAN.  The dude makes Governor Murphy look like a Man Of The Year Candidate.  And while NJTRANSIT may have delays and massive inconveniences on a daily basis, AT LEAST it gets you to your destination eventually on that daily basis.

As for the Knicks though?  We’re talking over 20 years now of missing the destination. In commuting terms, that means a whole lot of “mechanical issues”.  We’re talking employee shortages, downed wires, slippery rail conditions, signal problems, the whole nine.  Sure, maybe they got to the playoffs once or twice, but I don’t wanna hear about Carmelo and his fucking muffin top lookin’ ass taking 85% of the team’s shots and playing 0% of its defense.  Dude sucked and so did the Knicks.   What else was there … Remember Porzingis?  He was good.  Is he on the Knicks now? No. Was trading him part of the plan to get KD and another superstar?  Yes.  Fuck my life.

Didn’t get Zion.  Banned Oakley.  Signing these mid-level bums.  Derrick Rose.  Noah’s contract.  Antonio McDyess, Isiah Thomas … the list goes on.

And that’s why it’s gotta be the Knicks.  They have everything they need, every chance and every opportunity to do things the right way, but they just never come through and get it done.  They finally get a chance to spend money the right way and they still find a way to fuck it up and embarrass themselves more than us fans could ever fathom.  This was supposed to be a slam dunk, but it turned out to be the complete opposite.  And just like NJTRANSIT, us Knicks fans are yet again delayed and on stand by.  Our destination you ask?  Happiness.

To figure this out DEFINITIVELY I turned to the people for answers, and considering we’re all from the same spot, it’s safe to say that a good amount of miserable NJTRANSIT riders are also miserable New York Knicks fans.  So currently there’s a poll online trying to find out which is worse … Vote below.

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