We Got No Lights, We Got No Doors, Our Bus’ Tires Are Falling Off!!!!

I always say that when it rains that our transit system’s productivity drops by an automatic 50%. For some reason water is the kryptonite to the Mass Transit System in the metropolitan area. Employees get lazier, the customers are angrier and the equipment goes on strike.

Well yesterday didn’t disappoint. I was rolling through my stops on an Express train home when I experienced only what could be confused with what the end of the world would feel like. The power on my train just shut off without warning and you could hear a pin drop in our cart. We weren’t in the quiet car, so I knew something was fucked up.

So there we are, writing our wills and accepting the fact that our last breaths would be on NJTRANSIT when we caught a stroke of luck. The lights actually went back on. It was sign of relief considering only a night prior we had tornado warnings galore. The end of the world surely. On the flip side though, surviving this commute means we have to take the train again tomorrow. Whatayagonnado, thou. Am I right?

Soon after, we departed our next station, only to realize that the outage was most likely caused by the storm in the area. Now how did we know this? Well, let’s just say that you don’t have to look up the weather when mother fucking nature herself is literally in your train. As I looked up at the ceiling, I was greeted with rainfall oozing from what was supposed to be the train ceiling. What a day!

So that was my commute, which unbeknownst to me was actually a luxury on this given day. Ya see, I was killing time on Twitter later in the day when a fellow miserable reached out to share their own story.

This commuter got stranded on the side of the road. Apparently the Transit bus they were on had its door fall off mid-ride on the highway. Fucking thing popped off! On top of that, it was the handicapped door to boot. Double whammy. On top of that … they pulled over and the mother fucking bus got a flat! Ahhhhh ya hate to see it. I hope that dude brought an umbrella.  One moment you’re thinking about what you’re gonna eat for dinner and the next minute you’re thinking about how you’re gonna have to buy a new pair of shoes tomorrow, cuz you best believe you’re walkin’ home in this rain!  SQUISH SQUISH SQUISH, learn to love it.

P.S.  We ain’t shitting on the employees here.  Not their fault.  They did their best with the situation they had.  These damn trains are like 10 years old, which in train years, is 100 basically.

I mean shiiiiiiiiiiieeettt, it’s one thing to get left on the side of the road … but the highway?!? THAT’S SOME GANGSTA SHIT!

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