I Went To WrestleMania 35 and WWE Is Not To Blame For NJTRANSIT And Their Bonehead Service

Yes, I watch wrestling.  Let’s just get that out of the way.  Last night I sat along with 82,000 people in MetLife Stadium for what seemed to be f’n eternity.   I started my day at a tailgate around 1PM and it ended at 1AM as Becky Lynch closed the show as both the Women’s RAW and SMACKDOWN World Champion …

But who gives a shit, you probably don’t, this is a blog about commuting.

Here’s the deal and I’m gonna keep it short and sweet because I am absolutely EXHAUSTED.  Luckily enough I drove to MetLife Stadium.  I hate to brag (not really), but I sat ringside so I had a major advantage getting the hell out of there.  As soon as we heard the bell ring at 12:47AM we ripped our collector’s chairs from the ground and sprinted for the exit.  From there we hit the parking lot and had our car strategically parked at the exit.  30 minutes later, I was in my house and greeted by my wife who said “how was it?” … I replied, “Long”.


Now what does this have to do with NJTRANSIT screwing up?  Let me explain.  It has been known for AN ENTIRE YEAR that WWE would be bringing their biggest show to MetLife Stadium.  If anyone with a brain did even an OUNCE of research they would have known that THIS event in particular runs long 100% of the time.  And not just long, UNGODLY LONG, almost to the extent that as of now I don’t even know if I’d want to sit through another show tonight if you PAID ME to attend it.

Listen, NJTRANSIT knew there were gonna be 80,000+ people there.  There’s no way they couldn’t have.  They also SHOULD have known that these people have no fucking idea what to do or where to go because THEY ARE NOT FROM HERE.  They literally are from around probably 40+ different countries.

DO. SOME. FUCKIN. RESEARCH.  That right there is all you needed to know to make sure you DOUBLE the amount of trains you initially thought you’d need.  Not to mention, you should have known that after 10+ hours of sitting on their asses next to strangers screaming, yelling, burping, cheering, leaving their seats, standing, sitting etc… that these people would want to GO HOME ASAP and would bum rush the trains because AIN’T NOBODY TAKING AN UBER FOR $300 SURCHARGE BACK TO NYC IN THE POURING RAIN AFTER SPENDING $300 – $2500 on a ticket.


That’s on NJTRANSIT and no one else.  WWE brought the crowd.  They brought the money and guess what, those people riding home had to USE YOUR SERVICE which means you had a major opportunity to MAKE MONEY and provide OT potentially for your employees.

So in the words of the creator of WrestleMania, VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON … “NJTRANSIT … YOU CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL!!!!”

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