Whoever Is Running NJTRANSIT’s Twitter Account Is Either Drunk Or The Hero We Need.

Uhhhhh okay? I’m confused.  I don’t know whether to be angry or happy?  My first instinct was “well isn’t that ironic?“, considering #NJTRANSIT literally steals our money each and every day, just like this random ass dude is trying to steal this ATM and take it on the fuckin’ bus with him.  WHAT A LEGEND!

UPDATE: Shockingly, NJTRANSIT deleted this Tweet since ya know, it’s the fucking internet .. luckily I made a GIF!


But then, after much critical thinking (about 3 seconds) I thought to myself that maybe, just maybe this is the NJTRANSIT Twitter handle we’re all looking for!  Sure, they’re trying to be edgy like Wendys, but I honestly can’t sit here and say that I hate it.  NOT. ONE. BIT.  In fact, I might love it.

I mean this poor fuckin’ guy, just look at him.  He finally got the ATM to move in the right direction.  He used the proper technique for anyone that doesn’t lift and doesn’t exercise 4-5 times a week.  He wiggled and woggled that bitch to its final destination ONLY for the Bus Driver to be like “PSYCH!” … you ain’t riding on here, homie!”

After all, you can’t blame the fucking bus driver.  He or she doesn’t want to get a record and be charged as an accomplice to what is the most clear crime in the history of crimes.  Although I will say, if this random dude did pull it off it then this Bus would have gone down as the greatest getaway car of all time because YOU KNOW that if there’s one thing the police ain’t looking for after a robbery, it’s a bus.  I mean shiiiiiiiiiit, this ain’t the movie Speed and there’s NO CHANCE IN HELL that bus driver is Keenu Reeves with a young Sandra Bullock rockin’ a Villanova Wildcats sweater, you feel me?!?



Ahhhh what a day, WHAT A FUCKIN’ DAY and above all, what a Tweet.

P.S.  Whoever Tweeted that is probably fired.

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